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Rechargeable Sliding Nano Facial Steamer


RM109.00 (BV 34)

Balance: 10


✔ USB RECHARGEABLE! A quality guaranteed, convenient sliding mirror and elegant design make the PleasingCare® Rechargeable Handy Sprayer great for personal use, or as a gift.

✔ NANO TECHNOLOGY! Produces the finest ionic mist spray that moisturizes without damaging your makeup for a refreshing lift any time of the day or evening.

✔ EASY TO USE! Simply slide the cover gently out of the way to release a refreshing mist in just moments; Automatically shuts itself off after 30 seconds.

✔ SOOTHES YOUR SKIN! The gentle, refreshing and rejuvenating mist of the Nano Steamer soothes away the mild pain or itching that overexposure to sun may cause.

✔ ENJOY THE REFRESHING MIST ANY TIME! Use this Nano Steamer to moisturize and refresh your face, your hair, your body—anywhere you want to fight static, reduce wrinkles, or relieve minor irritations. LARGE RESERVOIR PROVIDES 10 MINUTES OR MORE OF REFRESHING MIST without refilling.