At Younger Me, the privacy of our users, visitors, buyers, members, Brands and other individuals associated with Younger Me is of utmost importance. We support the protection of our clients’ and consumers’ privacy rights as a fundamental element of our business.

Therefore, Younger Me has adopted a zero-tolerance stance on unauthorized, unsolicited and inappropriate bulk advertising and spamming by any visitor, consumer, member, Brand, company or any other entity.


All individuals associated with Younger Me shall safeguard and promote the good reputation of Younger Me, our Sites and Services and the Merchandise in our Sites, and protect the interests of all consumers, users and Brands of Younger Me. Any individual caught spamming or inappropriately advertising to promote Younger Me or their store in our Sites will have their account suspended and/or terminated.

If you as a Brand is terminated for spamming, you will lose all Brand privileges, opportunities and rights associated with your Younger Me Brand account. If you as a member or consumer of Younger Me is terminated for spamming, you will lose all privileges and rights that are associated with your Younger Me account. If the spamming activities result in any damage or cause any of Younger Me’s Sites, Services, domains, servers or activities to be interrupted from normal operation, the individual involved and responsible will be held liable for damages and loss of business.

Spam, also known as junk mail, refers to unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages through, including but not limited, to electronic means, faxes and telemarketing methods, which are typically sent for commercial purpose. However, as individual spam statutes vary and there is no consistently applied definition of spam at this time, Younger Me considers the following activities done in the following situations as spamming and in violation of our policy.

Users, members and Brands of Younger Me are prohibited from performing or conducting the activities listed in Section A in any of the circumstances listed in Section B, as described below:

Section A

  • Using the words Younger Me, even when contained within another phrase such as ‘Even Younger Me’ or ‘Younger Me Store’;
  • Using derivative spelling of these words, such as ‘Younger Me!’, ‘iYounger Me’ or ‘eYounger Me’;
  • Linking to Younger Me website or app (collectively, the “Sites”) or URLs;
  • Linking to a website which subsequently link to any of Younger Me Sites or URLs;
  • Using a redirect link or pointer-page that will bring the user to any of Younger Me Sites or URLs; or
  • Transmitting any information which directly or indirectly implies the involvement of Younger Me.

Section B

  • While violating any local, state, federal or international laws, including those regarding unsolicited commercial email;
  • In a website address or URL;
  • In any type of classified advertisement, except as specifically allowed by Younger Me;
  • In a signature file, except as specifically allowed by Younger Me;
  • In any email to any individual who has not specifically requested for information of Younger Me or given you permission to send the information;
  • In any email sent to a bulk list including but not limited to safe lists, cleaned list, purchased list and lists that are copied from the recipient area of emails sent to you;
  • In any email sent as a response to an individual who posted a message or review or sent you an unsolicited email;
  • In any email sent without a valid return email address that a recipient can reply to;
  • In any email that uses a false or misleading name, heading, header, subject line or any other false or misleading information;
  • While communicating through a chatroom or through any instant messaging system without first getting permission or request for more information from the other individual;
  • While posting to any forum, newsgroup, bulletin board, discussion list or other similar groups or lists on the Internet;
  • In any online or printed material, which is not pre-approved by Younger Me; or
  • In any material, which is distributed on private property or in any other place or manner which is prohibited by individuals, entities or by law.

The contents of this policy can and will change over time as Younger Me sees fit, at any time and at our sole discretion without prior notice. These changes are necessary and are carried out by Younger Me in order to protect every individual associated with Younger Me, our Sites and Services. You are strongly advised to check this policy frequently to keep updated on the latest amended version of this policy.